NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="IEC Labs is a clean energy and envrionmental science research and development incubator based in Houston Texas.">

Clean Energy & Environmental Science Innovation & Commercialization Alliance
  IEC Labs identifies late-stage R&D projects to serve consumer markets as a technology incubator and commercialization center. We strive to address commercial demands utilizing scientific advances and innovation within emerging areas of energy, environmental science and information technology. We accomplish this on a global scale...well beyond political boundaries.  
IEC Labs Mission Statement
IEC Labs Logo
Our greatest resource remains human, but feeds on imagination + time + innovative spirit

"IEC Labs was engineered through hard work by numerous scientists, entrepreneurs and investment professionals. It was the culmination of these bright and driven individuals that created the critical mass necessary for our Global Alliance and Innovation Centers. Our mission is to solve problems, meet energy demands and introduce vital consumer applications and processes for near-future consumer market needs. We focus on commercializing technology and products at the pilot phase and test scalability and traction for periods of one to two years. We actively seek innovative minds from universities, institutes, corporations, governments, other labs, investment funds and individuals to find solutions."
IEC Labs is a Texas based technology development hub with U.S. facilities in Austin, College Station and Houston TX, and Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai China. We are legally registered in Austin, TX under I-E Cyber LLC, and affiliated with HIG PIPE Fund I.