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Clean Energy & Environmental Science Innovation & Commercialization Alliance
  IEC Labs is the culmination of several years of background research in emerging markets and technologies. Our team shares a vision as to the importance of seasoned advisors throughout the development process, notably to create efficient models. In 2003 a group of five entrepreneurs identified the strategic role of emerging markets and the need for innovators in areas such as China, India and Mexico. Then in 2005, two individuals founded I-E Cyber in Houston Texas.

Over five years of core research was invested to hone emerging market skills such as language and culture. From 2009 to 2010 our three and five year commercialization model and technology focus became clear and IEC Labs manifested as the 'official' operating US entity. After more than seven years of due diligence, industry experience, and emerging market training, our R&D scope for innovation and commercialization came to fruition.

  • May 2009 - I-E Cyber Consultants refine operations to technology research, development, and incubation
  • July 2009 - Joint Sino-US cooperation on clean energy development and technology exchange signed between U.S. Dept. of Energy and P.R.C. Ministry of Science and Technology
  • August 2009 - IEC Labs - Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Divisions established
  • September 2009 - Joint Sino-US Cooperation signed between P.R.C Jiangsu Province and U.S. State of California on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Advance Thermal Technology Development
  • Jan-Feb 2010 - US Roadshow and MoU signing ceremonies and research facilities aligned

    IEC Labs is a Texas based research and development hub with facilities in Austin, College Station and Houston within the US, and Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai China. We are registered in Austin, TX as a Limited Liability Company under the corporate parent I-E Cyber LLC