NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="IEC Labs is a clean energy and envrionmgental science research and development incubator based in Houston Texas.">

Clean Energy & Environmental Science Innovation & Commercialization Alliance
  The Research & Development process has been the cornerstone of many existing products and applications. However, as scientists understand, hypothesis development rarely covers the scope of experimental yields.

IEC Labs utilizes a pragmatic approach to scientific inquiry. Alliance teams combine bottom-up and top-down approaches to address target-oriented solutions based on existing R&D, products and technology evolution. Through utilizing existing networks, we are able to maximize the use and interplay of existing technology through a range of licensing and tech transfer arrangements.
R&D Commercialization Focus

  • Advanced Coal, Thermal and Heating Technology
  • Renewable Energy Innovation and Efficiency
  • Smart Grid and Metering Technology
  • Power and Information Storage
  • Optics and Communications

    Cross-sector specialties include:

  • Nano-technology, Healthcare and Bio-science

    IEC Labs is a Texas based research and development hub with facilities in Austin, College Station and Houston within the US, and Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai China. We are registered in Austin, TX as a Limited Liability Company under the corporate parent I-E Cyber LLC